Email campaign templates

Create and customize email campaigns with a modern template builder.

Unlike SMS, where you can simply type and send your messages, email campaigns require you to create and use templates for running your campaign. But worry not, with Zixflow’s easy template builder, you can quickly build your templates with ease. Let’s see how.

Start by clicking the Campaign option in your sidebar and select the Templates tab. Then, click on the View Templates button under Email and click the Add Template button.

Enter the necessary details, like Template name, tag, and set visibility. Now, there are two ways to create your email templates. They are:

  • Use Email Text Editor

  • Use Drag and Drop Builder

Email Text Editor 

Using the Text Editor, you can write your email content just like you write any email and save it as a template for future use. This template is perfect if you want to send concise emails with only the necessary information. 

Drag & Drop Builder

On the other hand, the Drag and Drop Builder allows you to design each component of your email by dragging and dropping predefined blocks (text, images, or buttons) to create an eye-catching email template.

You can use this builder to create newsletter email templates that include dynamic images and text that can automatically adapt to any device’s orientation.

Once you’re done, click Save and you can use that template to run your email campaigns.