How to use the AI Wizard?

Get to know more about the all-in-one AI solution to generate quality email content.

You can streamline your email marketing efforts by utilizing AI to quickly generate compelling email copy for your campaigns. With our AI Wizard, you can save time and craft powerful email content in just seconds.

To access AI Wizard, click on a Contact to open the Contact Overview screen. Here, click the + New Interaction button and select the new email option.

In the Email section, click the AI Wizard located next to the Template option. 

In the AI Wizard, there are three different features. Let’s look at them in detail:

Generate Email

You can use this feature to generate email content. Simply fill in the required information on the left-hand fields. Our intuitive AI Wizard is easy to use, and the platform gives you an example of what should be entered in which field. 

Once you have filled out the details, hit generate and your content will be presented on the right. You can copy and use the content or save it as a template for the future.

Content Rewrite 

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to rewrite your content according to the tone you select. Just paste the content on the left box, select the tone,  and click generate.

Text Summarizer 

Similar to the Content Rewrite, the Text Summarizer can shorten your content by extracting only the valuable details and providing you the output based on the tone you select. 

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