How to Set Up Click to WhatsApp Ads on Facebook Ads Manager?

A quick walkthrough on how to setup your CTWA


Setting up Click to WhatsApp ads on Facebook Ads Manager requires a nuanced understanding of Facebook advertising. Ensure you are well-versed with the platform and comprehend its financial implications.

Facebook Ads Manager

  1. Navigate to Facebook Ads Manager and Click on ‘Create’.

  2. Choose the campaign goal as ‘Messages’. Provide distinctive names for your campaign, ad group, and ad set, then proceed by clicking ‘Continue’. The Messages objective aims to initiate numerous conversations across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and/or Instagram Direct.

  3. Upon selecting ‘Messages’ as the objective, establish a daily or lifetime budget for your ad campaign. You can explore various campaign bid strategies as well. Depending on your selected objective, bid strategies may be available. Delve deeper into bid strategies by referring to the [Facebook Ads Documentation.

Ad Group

Transitioning to the ad group level, click ‘Next’.

  1. At the ad group level, designate ‘WhatsApp’ as the messaging app to execute click-to-WhatsApp ads via Facebook. Select your Facebook page and WhatsApp Business number accordingly.

  2. Proceed to configure and schedule your WhatsApp ad targeting, encompassing factors like age group, gender, locations, interests, and audience.

    • Advance by clicking ‘Next’ after configuring the targeting.

    • Subsequently, navigate to the ad set level to customize the design and presentation of your ad.

  3. Initially, opt for your Facebook and Instagram pages for WhatsApp ad deployment.

  4. Select the preferred ad creative type, including images, videos, and carousels.

  5. After uploading the requisite creatives, review placements and preview the ad.

    • Edit Ad Placements on Facebook and Instagram.

    • Craft Primary Text for your Click to WhatsApp Ad, accommodating up to five primary headings.

    • Include a compelling Headline such as ‘Chat With Us’.

    • Provide a succinct Description for the ad.

    • Choose an appropriate Call to Action (CTA) for your WhatsApp Ad from a plethora of options.

    • Preview the ad to envision its appearance on Facebook and Instagram feeds.

  6. Access ‘Message Template’ to tailor the template message to resonate with your targeted customer persona.

  7. Conclude by clicking ‘Save and Finish’.

  8. Finally, hit ‘Publish’.

Your ad will undergo scrutiny by Facebook. Once approved, it will go live based on your specified targeting criteria.

Review WhatsApp Ads Results and Optimize

Vigilantly monitor the performance of your Click to WhatsApp Ads. Access Facebook Ads Manager to track pertinent metrics aligned with your campaign objective, including:

  • Conversations Started

  • Messaging Replies

  • Impressions

  • Link Clicks

  • Content Views

  • Purchases