Import & Export

Learn how to import and export data in Zixflow.

The Import & Export function of Zixflow allows you to easily move data in and out of the platform. Let’s see how you can leverage them to the fullest. 

Importing data

To import data into Zixflow, go to a List or Collection and click the Import/ Export button. Pick the Import option from the drop-down menu.

On the next screen, you can upload a .csv file with a maximum of 100,000 records and the file size - 50MB to import data into Zixflow. After uploading the file, the system automatically will choose the Header name after which you click next.

In the 3rd step you will have to match the columns with the attribute field in the system. 

The final and 4th step lets you validate the data, if it is indicated in red as shown in the picture it indicates the data is not as per the supported format.

Given below are the supported formats for each type of attribute field. 

To see the progress of the import, head over to the Logs on the bottom right corner. 

In order to get a complete detail of the import, click the dropdown on the top right corner and select import History

You can click on the actions of the import that was done and download the error log file which will help you identify the reason for data not being uploaded. 

The reason for failure of data not being uploaded will be mentioned under the column Zixflow Import Errors in the downloaded sheet. 

Exporting data

To export data from Zixflow, go to a List or Collection you want to export and click the Import/ Export button. Select the Export option from the drop-down menu.

After clicking the Export option, the system will prepare a .zip file with all the data present in that List or Collections. To download this .zip file, click the Processing option at the bottom of your sidebar, and you will be taken to the Logs section.

Here, you can see your Export status and once the status shows “Complete’, click three dots under the Action column, and click Download.

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