Email Finder

Find your contacts' email addresses with Zixflow Email Finder.

Zixflow Email Finder lets you find the email addresses of your contacts by using their names and company domains. This way, you don’t have to manually look through online employee directories to find their email address to reach out to them.

To find the email addresses of your contacts, go to a List or Collection and choose contacts using the checkbox on the left of their names. 

Next, click on the Action button and select the Email Finder option.

On the next screen, select the condition for the Email Finder. If you’re finding email addresses for the first time, select the Find new only option. If you already have email addresses for these contacts and want to update your data, select the second, Search for all option. 

Finally, click the Find Email button to automatically add email addresses to the Email attribute for selected contacts.

Note: The Email Finder uses a pay-as-you-use wallet, where you will be charged for each email address you find using it. To know more about the wallet system, reach out to our support team.

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