Email Validation

Verify the accuracy of contacts' email addresses with Email Validation.

With Zixflow Email Validation, you can check whether the email addresses of your contacts are valid and can receive emails you send. 

To verify email addresses, go to a Collection or List and select the contacts you want to validate the email addresses for. 

After that, click the Action button and choose the Email Validation option. 

On the following screen, select the condition for validating emails. You can choose to verify only the new email addresses or you can verify both new and previously validated emails.

Lastly, click the Validate Email button, and the platform will add a tag under the email validation column indicating whether the email address is deliverable, invalid, or risky. 

Note: The Email Validation uses a pay-as-you-use wallet, where you will be charged for each email address you verify using it. To know more about the wallet system, reach out to our support team.

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