Contact overview

Get a 360-degree view of your contacts with Zixflow.

By clicking on a contact, you can open its complete profile to get an overview. In this overview, you can see past interactions, add notes, and see all the activities regarding a contact. So, let’s take a look at these features, starting with Interactions. 


Interactions provide you with a chronological log of all previous communications related to a contact, allowing you to easily monitor and analyze past interactions.


The Notes section lets you record any particular information about that contact that you think is important. With Notes, you can quickly bring yourself or your team members up to speed about a contact.


Activity works as a calendar, where you can schedule a reminder or meeting and you’ll be automatically notified by the application. 

To add a new activity, click the "+ New Activity" button and name your activity, set a date, add a description if you want, and click Add Activity.


Files serve as a centralized hub to manage, organize, and provide easy access to documents you exchanged with a contact. This enables you to efficiently store, retrieve, and organize your files so you don’t end up sending the wrong one by accident.


In the Company section, you can add the company to a contact to enhance the quality of the data. To add a company, click the + Add Company button and select a company from the list or search for one using the search bar. 


In the Cadence screen, you can add a contact to your existing cadences to automate follow-ups via emails, SMS, and WhatsApp. You can also add tasks to your cadence to boost lead conversion and deal closure.

To add a contact to a cadence, click the + Subscribe to Cadence button and select the cadence you want to include the contact to.

Adding data to the contact profile

You can also add data to a contact’s profile using the Contact Info tab on the right-hand side of the screen. 

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