How to connect your WhatsApp number?

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to set up WhatsApp for your campaigns.

Here is a step by step process on connecting your account for WhatsApp.

Step 1 - Go to Campaigns and select “Manage”. Click the “Manage” button in WhatsApp 

Step 2 - Click “Continue with Facebook”.

Step 3 -  Please use the login with Admin Access to your Meta Business Manager and click get started.

Step 4 - Read the Terms. and click on Continue

Step 5 - Click and choose a business account. You can select the current business account or create a new one.

Step 6 - Click and create a WhatsApp Business account along with a new WhatsApp Business profile

Step 7 - Fill in the below information and once complete, click Next 

  1.  WhatsApp business account name

  2. WhatsApp Business display name

  3. Select the time zone

  4. Select the business category

  5. Add your business description (Optional)

  6. Add your company website (Optional)

Step 8 - Input the phone number you would like to connect with Zixflow and choose the method to receive the verification code. 

Step 9 - Enter the code and click Next 

Step 10 - Once it is verified, it will show your number is now connected after which you can click “Finish”.

Step 11 - Once it's verified you will see in the Zixflow platform the number verified and you can start sending out the message.

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If you want to migrate from existing BSP or Cloud API then first disable 2FA in your WhatsApp Manager at Meta.

How to migrate from another BSP or Cloud API?

Migrate your phone number to Zixflow from another BSP

Once number connected, Let's do a Test:-

You can now test your campaign by creating a simple test template as given below: " This is a test message "

Once the template is added, wait for 10-20 sec and click on " Sync with Facebook "it will get approved and you can test it out.

Once the template is approved you can create a new campaign, by giving it a name and select the audience. You can enter your number in Copy Paste section.

You can select the approved test template and send the Campaign.

If you have any questions reach our to support team.