How to migrate from another BSP or Cloud API?

Migrate your phone number to Zixflow from another BSP

Easily transfer your number to Zixflow in less than 10 minutes without any technical complications—it's a straightforward process.

If you already have a WhatsApp Business Account with other BSP and want to migrate to Zixflow without losing the same WhatsApp Business Number, you can easily do that now. This means you can easily move to Zixflow and also you get to keep your:

  • Same Number

  • All approved templates

  • Display Name

  • Quality Rating

  • Official Business Account Status

  • Messaging Limits

Disable 2FA for Migration -

To start moving your WhatsApp number, turn off Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Facebook WhatsApp Manager. Just log in as an admin, click here:,

Pick the number you want to move, and go to the 2FA screen.

To migrate, its mandatory to disable 2FA from the source WABA's owner. Once you click on Turn off two-step verification, Meta will send you email confirmation. Click on the link which has been sent, and click trun off.

Once you have disabled the 2-factor authentication, please follow the steps mentioned in -

How to connect your WhatsApp number?

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to set up WhatsApp for your campaigns.

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Here is more information about migration

WhatsApp Business Accounts

Automatic Signup within the embedded system generates a new WABA for the customer, links it to their Meta Business Account, and provides Zixflow with access to the WABA.

Message Templates

Templates are duplicated in the destination WABA, maintaining the same quality ratings and statuses as the originals. Only templates with an "APPROVED" status and a "GREEN" quality score can be duplicated. If the destination WABA cannot accommodate all the new templates, we duplicate as many as possible until the template limit is reached. Any templates left unduplicated must be recreated and submitted for approval for use in the destination WABA.


Messages sent before the migration's completion are billed to the old Solution Partner. Undelivered messages from before the migration will be charged to the old Solution Partner if delivered after the migration is complete. Messages sent after the migration is complete are billed to the Zixflow.


Downtime starts after the final step (registration). Before this, the business phone number can be used for messaging without interruption. Once the final registration step is completed, downtime begins and continues until template duplication is finished. After completion, the business phone number can resume sending and receiving messages, now associated with the customer's new WABA.